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Lisa Goldberg 


 Are you here because you need to lose weight, but deep down you know you need to try  a different approach rather than follow the latest diet fad or craze again?

 Sustainable weight loss is not possible until you are able to control lifelong habits and    behaviors surrounding food and eating. These habits and behaviors are often the cause for  continuous yo-yo dieting and excess pounds. These factors can be difficult to identify and  change since they become part of the fabric of your everyday life.

 Losing weight is more than just going on a diet. I have had great success getting my clients  the RESULTS they desire by helping them create awareness and become more mindful of  their choices. The tools and strategies I offer will enable you to start to change your behaviors  around food and eating so you lose the weight and keep it off for good! Are you READY to  create lasting change?

                                      Don't let another day go by! Call me for a complimentary 20 minute phone consult. Let me be                                         YOUR Nutritionist & Weight  Loss Coach and help you lose weight for good! Email me                                                 today! or 212-920-0070.

  • I will Give You A Plan Tailored Just For You Without Feeling Like You're On A Diet
  • I will Help You Set Realistic Goals
  • You Will Learn to Eat In Moderation
  • You Will Eat Foods That Will Sustain Your Energy
  • You Will Learn to Recognize and Eliminate Emotional and Social Triggers Around Food
  • Exercise is key to overall health, wellness, weight loss and weight maintenance
  • Face up to your emotional barriers around exercise
  • Establish reasonable exercise goals
  • Develop a plan for regular activity in your daily lifestyle
  • No more yo-Yo dieting or Counting Points! Get off the diet rollercoaster for Good
  • You Will Lose your all-or-Nothing mentality
  • You will finally Learn to eat food for energy and sustenance rather than eating for comfort and bad feelings


8 Good Reasons to Work With Lisa.

  1. 1) You need to be held accountable

    2) You want to get your health and well being on track once and for all

  2. 3) You know what you need to do to be healthy but you
        can’t get

  3. 4) You struggle with being overweight, you’re always dieting,
    unhappy with
    the way you look

  4. 5) You never feel really great

  5. 6) You can’t seem to make the time to eat well and exercise regularly

  6. 7) You want to get off your medications or you want to
        prevent going on medication

  7. 8) You go on a diet, you lose weight, but you do not change
        your behaviors and ultimately regain the weight

Why Hire a Nutritionist &Health Coach?

Resolve to Evolve into your Happier, Healthier Self!



Phone: 212-920-0070

Email: Lisa Goldberg at



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